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Our mill has three production lines:
1-2500mm production line- (Width: 1600-2300mm, Thickness: 6-30mm, Annual capacity: 1,600,000 Tons);
2-3500mm production line- (Width: 2000-3050mm, Thickness: 10-80mm, Annual capacity: 2,000,000 Tons);
3-4300mm production line- (Width: 1500-4100mm, Thickness: 6-300mm, Annual capacity: 1,800,000 Tons);

00cr27mo can also be machined, and BEBON Steel has a complete processing service system. We can carry out cutting, polishing, grinding tools, machining of castings, bearings and various parts according to the requirements of our customers.

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不锈耐酸钢棒(GB 1200-92)(九) - xwax0447のブログ

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吸収 機械的性質 硬さ検査 エネ ルギー (J)

吸収 エネ 中国の記号 (JIS)引張強さ降服点伸び 断面ルギー (N/m㎡)(N/m㎡)(%)収縮率(%)(J) 200 200 0Cr19Ni13Mo3 SUS317 205 520 40 60 187 90


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